plentree scalp spa tonic

plentree scalp spa tonic
plentree scalp spa tonic
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Plentree is a Natural Professional Scalp care brand that uses complex extracts derived from Organic Gruits that are approved and recognized by World-Wide Organizations. It promotes health and brings relief to the tired scalp.

  • The Plentree Scalp Spa Tonic is effective in the improvement of the scalp. Using Natural extracts from Anagelin, Ginseng, Mulberry and Oat Proteins, the scalp is exposed to high supplements of nutrient to retain the health of the scalp as well as helping hair to grow healthy and elastic.
  • Wild Rosemary, Green tea Extracts and Sage Extracts are used for their high abundance in Amino Acids that combined, help control the Sebum (oil), and prevent dandruff while soothing sensitve scalp and improving the overall health of the scalp.

Direction of use:

Shampoo the hair using the Plentree Scalp Spa Shampoo. Towel dry and blow dry cold. Apply the Plen Tree Scalp Spa Tonic by spraying on the scalp and gently massaging throughout the scalp. Do not rinse the tonic. Leave it.

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