plentree scalp spa shampoo

plentree scalp spa shampoo
plentree scalp spa shampoo
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Brand: plentree
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Plentree is a natural professional scalp care brand that uses complex extracts derived from organic fruits that are approved and recognized by world-wide organizations. It promotes health and brings relief to the tired scalp.

  • The Plentree scalp spa shampoo uses soapwort plant ectracts for sensitive and normal scalp to remove residue build up. Saponin found in soapwort aids in keeping the scalp healthy and trouble free.
  • Oligosaccharides, minerals, peptides, and vitamins abundantly contained in anagelin combined with pleutopterus multiflorus (flower) and herbs help keep the hair and scalp healthy by providing abundant amounts of nutrition and help maintain a healthy growth cycle (hair cycle).

Direction of Use:

Shampoo the hair using the Plentree Scalp Spa Shampoo on the hair. Massage the scalp gently and rinse well.

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