plentree scalp spa scaling

plentree scalp spa scaling
plentree scalp spa scaling
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Plentree is a Natural Professional Scalp Care brand that uses complex extracts derived from Organic Gruits that are approved and recognized by World-Wide Organizations. It promotes health and brings relief to the tired scalp.

  • Using Papain, a Natural Papaya extract, the Plentree Scalp Spa Scaling is a Professional Scalp Care product that uses natural ingredients to gently exfoliate the scalp of excess skin, (sebum) oils, and dandruff to promote a healthier, cleaner scalp.
  • Combination of Pomegranate Extracts and Propolis is superb in suppressing and preventing dandruff germ multiplication on the scalp while Orange and Pine extracts with essentioal oils sooth and calm the scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness.

Direction of use:

Before shampooing, apply the Scalp Spa Exfoliate on the scalp and process for 10 minutes then gently massage throughout the scalp. Shampoo the hair and scalp thoroughly using the Plentree Shampoo (if the scalp is very sensitive or has abrasions, sores, or any type of problems, this product should not be used.)

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